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In the twenty years since I started my photographic journey, I have tried to educate myself as much as possible in photography, so in this sense, I am very much self-taught. I have tried to experiment as much as possible, and to be quite honest it is my creativity that allowed me to learn and become more advanced in photographic techniques with each passing year. I have an immense passion for learning, and this has allowed me to grow as a photographer.
I was a 'film shooter' for many years and was a long opponent against all things digital. I have to confess I was initially dead set against the digital revolution. I felt that digital photography was not real and somewhat fake. I loved the feel touch and manual input of film and could not understand why digitalisation had stopped this. The moment my work appeared on the paper in the darkroom was always a very special and unusual experience for me. The turning point for me was the introduction of a digital camera combined with photoshop. This allowed me to pursue creative goals that I had wanted to do for a long time. It allowed my creative soul to pursue a new form of expression and experience...


London - Stockholm

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