Gosia Jurasz


Kraków, Poland

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I was born and raised among historic residences in remarkable Polish town - Cracow (or Krakow). I believe my photos have absorbed the unique ambience of timelessness.
My story of entering the world of photography started very naturally when my very own kids were growing up. At first there were photo shootings of my neighbours and friends’ children and were much different from my work now.

During quite a few years I was gaining the experience of working with kids. I discovered that small ones are great models with strong statements. By stylising small models start feeling as true performers, as adults, and act the same way, play different emotions. Not showing themselves as smiling joyful kids but more creating nostalgic and sadness frames.

Still my models and I take the portraying as a beautiful play which is different from the things that we use to do on everyday basis, which makes it unique for them. Children become more open, self-confident, show their personality and their uniqueness. And our pictures make great memories of these moments for them and their parents.

I like to work outdoors because it gives me freedom to choose the background and also children feel much better outside. And all I have to do is push the shutter release button when the light is good enough.

From the beginning I’ve been committed to Pentax. Currently I work with Pentax K5, lens 50 1,4.


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