Grzegorz [Sagaj]


Warsaw, Poland



I am a photographer living in Warsaw. Photography is still a passion for me, and not just a way to earn money. I always look at the world with photos, I wonder if what I just see, it looks like in the picture and how best to show it. 


Some time ago I decided to devote myself to photography professionally. Hence this page. For the past years I've been working as a 'court' photographer in Orange, where I was mainly involved in event and reportage photography. At the same time I was developing in photographing the fair sex. I specialize in portraits, but I do not care about other types of photos. In the opinion of people who know my work, I can capture something in a woman that she does not even see in herself sometimes :-)


Recently, I expanded my range of services with occasional, family or children photography. I also started to teach others everything that I have learned over the years, i.e. how to illuminate, how to skilfully show the best, how to retouch and work on a computer.


If I could help you with my skills and talent, go ahead and call me, I will take on every task, because despite the considerable experience I'm still developing and I'm longing for new challenges :-) I will not empty your pocket for sure ;-)


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