Kamila Dabrowska


Cologne, Germany

Published portfolio



It took me 30 years to find something truly important and satisfying. When I was young, I envied those who had a great passion. There is nothing worse than having no passions. A few years ago, I began exploring photography. Having a hobby is like having a best friend: It entertains you and allows you to relax. Taking photos gives me peace of mind and satisfaction. I capture and collect everyday moments and preserve them in my galleries.


I have a passion for portraiture. In each picture, I try to tell the story of the person. I try to destroy barriers and expose the things hidden behind each woman and man. Whether I capture a gleaming eye or a gesture done unconsciously, I like to think it is a form of bare truth and magic at the same time as models are showing their inner beauty. My desire is to communicate with people through portraits. There are many aspects of photography that I love and will continue to explore.


London - Stockholm

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