Magdalena Berny


Warsaw, Poland

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Born in 1976, I'm self-taught, professional photographer based in Poland.

I was considered by Top Teny one of Top 10 Best Child Photographers in the World. My pictures were published in various photography magazines such as Digital Camera, Click Magazine, Modern Lens Magazine, Magzter, Great Inspire. Many of my photos were used as guides to photographing children and for projects of book covers.

My photography adventure began many years ago. Since I remember, I was interested in it, but the decisive moment came when my own children were born. In the beginning, I was mostly photographing my children. At this time photography became my great passion.

Over the years I managed to create my own distinctive and recognisable style. It has evolved during my career. However, one thing has been constant; my portraits are strong and simple. 

It doesn't matter for me if I'm shooting "fairy tale"  or painterly style portraits, a simple portrait of a teenager, or test shoots for child models. I always try to capture the character of a person. I avoid using many props and sophisticated styling. Thanks to that my pictures are so strong. 

My greatest inspiration is my life, the surrounding world, places where I live and those which I visit. The broadly defined art (paintings, music, film and literature) is also an endless source of inspiration for me.

In my portfolio, you can find many examples of portrait taken outdoor. Nature mostly influenced my earlier photographs of my children when they were small. 

I like playing with colours, but I never use a lot of flashy colours. I try to set two contrasting colours or make a harmonious colour palette. This is one of the biggest advantages of my portraits. I exactly feel which colour to use to emphasise the beauty of a photographed person.


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