Alexandra Denisova

Model, Actor, Dancer

Age: 13


4550 since Jan 6, 2018


I live in the city of Moscow, Russia. Even though I travel quite a lot, Moscow remains my favourite city. Until recently, neither my parents nor I planned for me to be a model. However, one casual encounter led me to a modelling agency, where I made it through casting and became a part of BAMBImanagement team.

My first serious task was shooting for an Italian clothing brand Gaialuna with famous Italian photographer Anthony Favazza. During the photoshoot, I had my time to understand that this is what I enjoy the most and that admittedly, I am eager to go on with. Taking part in various photo projects, fashion shows, competitions - is now a part of my life and I am pleased with what is happening to me. Since I’ve always had fun being indifferent, I can feel that this is my vocation...


Dessalito, Topkidsfaces, Chapeau, Moscow Piccolo Fashion week, MB Fashion week

Kids Russia Magazine, Kids Club Russia, Supermama, Moscow

Hobbies / interests

Do theatre, ballet, piano. Love to sing and shooting cool video

Agency / agent


London - Stockholm

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