Elise Steemans

Model, Dancer

Age: 15


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I was born in Hasselt, Belgium on the 11th April 2005.

One day, when I was 6,5 years old, a photographer friend asked my mom if it was ok if she took some photos of me. It was my very first time in front of a professional camera, and I immediately liked it!!
The photographer herself was so excited that she suggested us to contact a modelling agency and so we did.

After a few weeks, I got my first commercial job for Woody, and I loved everything about it - the hair, the clothes! I am a bit of a fashionista, so I guess my fashion addiction started right at that moment. The photos turned out great, and I had my first billboard!

From then shootings kept on coming. We agreed to do one photo shoot per month because I just started elementary school, and school always comes first, of course.
One year later I had my first commercial on national TV, and I also started doing acting jobs.

As I grew older and taller more and more shootings were coming, and since I was doing well in school we agreed to seize the moment. So we were doing two shootings per month and I ended up on magazine covers, posters, leaflets, billboards... I really had the time of my life!...


Woody, Gymp, Kiezeltje, Moodstreet, Orage, Van Hassels, Rumbl, Blathine, Quapi, Bshirt, JBC, Angels Face

Jow Junior and for a local boutique

KidFashMagazine, Simply Adorable Magazine, Kadee, Fashion Kids


Galaxy Park, Hotel 13, Nachtwacht, De Kliniek; TvFami- lie, Trainworld

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