Ella Parks

Model, Singer, Actor

Age: 12

United States

564 since Jan 20, 2018


Ella Parks is currently modelling with Zulily in the Seattle area. Ella loves to model and is very active including hiking, swimming, rock climbing, gymnastics.

Ella is a singer and has had private vocal lessons for 3 years as well as been in the Tacoma Youth Chorus for 3 years.

Ella hopes to be on television and in the movies and combine her love of singing/acting/modeling and travel.

Ella has just joined the team from Seattle Talent to attend the IMTA convention in New York City in July and is super excited and is fundraising and looking for sponsors.



Model Trend Magazine
Jules Model Magazine

Hobbies / interests

Travel, Photography, Gymnastics, stop animation. I love Target!


London - Stockholm

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