Nora-Lise Maksing

Model, Actor, Dancer

Age: 13


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I am Nora-Lise, an 11 year-old Nordic girl. I live in Estonia, in a small country located in the North of Europe. My home town is Tallinn, which is located by the sea. Tallinn is known for a wonderful old-town, which is a part of UNESCO world heritage site.
I am also the younger sister of the bigger brothers. One of my brothers is 26 year-old and is working as a lawyer, the other is 13 year-old schoolboy.
I like modelling a lot. Among Estonians there are many known models, such as Carmen Kass, Karmen Pedaru, Alezandra Elizabeth Ljadov, Adele Taska, Harleth Kuusik, Kätlin Aas, Christopher Einla.
Already as a small girl I liked very much to choose clothing and shoes, to combine them and practice model walking. I arranged with my friends or at home often fashion shows. I also liked already then to perform on stage – singing, dancing and participating in plays (usually as a lead). With time I have gotten more experience with performing and I feel myself on the stage quite confident, I enjoy being there. I need to deal with anxiety, which I get sometimes before going on stage...


Liss, Owiwi, ZHUK, Nona, Unekool, Dukiboo, Jacadi, Didriksons, Baldinini, Bleu Comme, Gris, Elsy, Miss Grant, Poivre Blanc, Zecchino D`Oro, Il Trenino

Owiwi, ZHUK, Nona, Jacadi

Via Migliore lookbook FW 2015/2016


Unekool, Kids Edition Agency

Hobbies / interests

Fitness, acrobatics, dancing


London - Stockholm

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