RaMal Yunus Randall

Model, Actor, Athlete

Age: 9

United States

42 since Apr 24, 2018


I am a 6 year old who has been being brave enough to create a path for my future while trying to be apart of the change I want to see. I smile while doing so, hiccups and all and keep persevering while having fun. I want to keep growing and learning and explore with fashion and cultures of all kinds while seeking to help in ways I can. My mom say lead and shoot for the stars, I want to so do. I try to keep my listening ears on and take in all I can to be strong and help build my confidence.


Tots to Teen Expo, fashion show, Pageant participant, clothing model

Tots to Teens Expo
Ward 8 Community Awareness Fashion Show with a cause

Hobbies / interests

Play sports: Football, basketball, soccer, Tball, gardening, bike riding, reading, traveling, drawing, fall off my skate board


London - Stockholm

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